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KeNesher Tallitot

  • Easy-to-iron and washable

  • Kosher leMahadrin Certified

  • 100% cotton fabric

Concentrate on your meaningful

blessings and praying G-d

Enjoy your prayer!


Our Tallit made of durable and sturdy cotton with non-fraying stitching will last for years

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About our Tallit

According to "The Shulchan Aruch," using a cotton tallit is a mitzvah derabanan However, according to the Ram״a's view, a cotton tallit is equal to the one made of wool, which means that cotton talles will help us keep mitzvah from The Torah. 


Cotton is a natural fabric - light and soft. No more uncomfortable sweating during long hours of prayers on the chagim!


The cotton prayer shawl is the best alternative to wool tallit and has always been preferred over an acrylic shawl, which makes you hot and sticky.


Our beautiful, easy-to-iron, and washable tallis come in a satisfying variety of colors: black, white, navy blue, light blue, and grey. 


You can choose from seven available sizes

  • 27,5 x 51 inch (0,7x1,3 m)

  • 35,4 x 51 inch (0.9x1.3 m)

  • 43,3 x 51inch (1.1x1.3 m)

  • 43 x 63 inch (1,1x1,6 m)

  • 47 x 67 inch (1,2x1,7 m)

  • 51 x 73 inch (1,3x1,85 m)

  • 55 x 73 inch (1,4x1,85 m)


Durable and sturdy material, non-fraying stitching, and carefully tied tzitzit will last for years.

Slipping prevention fabric of our tallit prayer shawl will help you preserve the concentration and keep the spiritual excitement. 

Concentrate on your meaningful blessings and praying G-d!

Buying for yourself or as a gift for Bar Mitzvah? 

Push the Add to Cart Button to get yours today and enjoy your new tallit!

✔ You'll get a tallit in 5 color options, a tallis ideal for your size, soft and comfortable for wearing during long hours of prayers. Our Tallit Prayer Shawl was designed, carefully crafted, and certified in Israel.


✔ 100% cotton fabric of our authentic Jewish prayer shawl will enhance your spiritual experience. No more falling from your shoulders in the moment of profound praying like with an acrylic tallit. Our slipping prevention material will help your concentration


✔  Kosher leMahadrin Certified Tallit is a Handmade product from the Holy Land (Israel). Spinning and twisting the wool strings in tzitzit is made in the name of mitzvah tzitzit (lishma). We inserted manually all threads — tzitzit — into holes and tied in the name of mitzvah tzitzit


✔ You can effortlessly wash and iron our easy-to-use tallit praying shawl, as it doesn't require a professional dry-cleaning. The tzitzit will not fray with time – no worries


✔ Unlike wool tallit, our prayer shawl will not turn yellow after a short period. It will last longer and will not have an unpleasant synthetic odor. This will be a memorable gift for Bar Mitzvah, birthday, or religious holidays 


Kosher Certification

Careful tying by observant Torah and mitzvos.

Double machine work threads eight made for the sake of tassel mitzvah.

The composition of the lining and the size of tallit are under the supervision 

of Rabbi Dov Landau Shlita


Rav Dov Lando 

Rav Dov Lando was born on 5 April 1930 is the rosh yeshiva of the Slabodka yeshiva of Bnei Brak alongside Rabbi Moshe Hillel Hirsch, a rabbi of Chug Chazon Ish, and a member of the directorate of the Board of Yeshivas. 

In his youth, he studied under Avrohom Yeshaya Karelitz as well as at the yeshivot of Ponevezh and Hebron.

Contact us for any questions

Thank You!

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